Pressure Rep

We perform best under pressure.

Who Are We?

We're the only PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE Review & Referral Generation Solution designed for Home-Service Businesses.

Our background in Pressure Washing is the reason behind our branding, but we serve more than just Pressure Washers.

We're devoted to protecting your reputation & getting you more jobs!

Why Should You Care?

98% of people read online reviews for local businesses before making a purchase-decision.

42% of customers leave reviews.

6% of customers only leave negative reviews.

An extra review (positive) could mean an extra customer.

What Do We Do?

Generate 5-Star Reviews & Qualified Leads

We get your customers to provide qualified leads & leave glowing reviews on GMB.

Protect Against Negative Reviews

We ensure that negative reviews never make it online & inform you if a customer's unhappy.

100% Automated

Everything's automated! It takes 2 minutes on your part to get set up & <24 hours for the software to start working.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 (YOUR PART)

You'll fill out a Google Form & give us a list of your customers' names and email addresses.

Step 2 (OUR PART)

We'll reach out to each of your customers & request them to fill out an "impression" form.

Step 3 (OUR PART)

If your customer likes you, we'll ask for a public review & any qualified referrals they have.

Step 4 (OUR PART)

If your customer doesn't like you, we'll intervene before they post about it online & get their feedback.

Step 5 (OUR PART)

We'll immediately notify you if a customer is unhappy & send over the feedback they want you to hear.

Step 6 (YOUR PART)

You'll resolve the issue with your customer (if you want to) so that they don't post about it online.

Performance Pay

The software is 100% FREE to use. You only pay us for results.

We will never charge your card without collecting proof from your customer that they have either left a review (or) a referral for your business.

We will make sure to send you the proof your customers provide us when we charge your card.

Qualified Leads

We define a qualified lead as a referral, provided by one of your customers, with a real address that shows up on Google Earth/Maps.

If the address provided is not real, your card will not be charged.

If we charge your card mistakenly, we will refund you immediately and your next review will be on us.

No Subscription Plan!
(Only Pay For What You Choose)

4 Stars


We charge $5.00 every time one of your

customers leaves a 4-star review on your

GMB because of us.

5 Stars


We charge $10.00 every time one of your

customers leaves a 5-star review on your

GMB because of us.



We charge $25.00 every time one of your

customers provides a qualified lead for

your business because of us.

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